Joaquín de Luz will be Director of la Compañía Nacional de Danza

The Spanish media El País has announced that Joaquín de Luz will become the new director of Compañía Nacional de Danza in Madrid, Spain. He will take over beginning September 1, 2019 for a period of five years, replacing José Carlos Martínez who has held the position for the last eight years. De Luz was selected from thirteen candidates which were narrowed down to four and then ultimately to him. He will earn an annual salary of 80,000 euros and manage a company budget of 1,800,000 euros.


De Luz says that his priorities are to bring Spanish choreographers to light as well as introduce more works that present the rich beauty of Spanish cultural dances, all in order to encourage the talent in his country. The company will dance classical, neoclassical, and contemporary works. He will incorporate the knowledge he gained working in the United States as well as use his international contacts in order to give impetus to CND. He has goals of bringing the company to the international stage via co-productions with other companies and representation at dance festivals.


“Quiero construir la compañía que me hubiera hecho quedarme a mí en España.”

(“I want to build the company that would have made me stay in Spain.”)

–  Joaquín de Luz

De Luz is one of Spain’s prodigal sons, studying with Víctor Ullate and then leaving his country in 1996 to come to the United States. There, he danced with Pennsylvania Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, and New York City Ballet, his final performance with them just this past October.

Joaquín de Luz


Source: El País | Featured Photo of Joaquín de Luz © Erin Baiano

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